Aaron and Olga



“ … All external barriers fell away with ease … “

 From Aaron: I was looking for just the right spirit and AE helped me find her. Distance and time considerations rated low on the list of barriers, what with all the other spiritual attributes being there. So I put out my postulate, threw out the comm line, and it happened!

AE’s great profile questions and their truthful responses, along with the pictures, allowed me to find my dearest ally in a quick fashion. The email comm started in April, during which our communication proved completely open, able to approach any subject with ease, feeling able to ‘be’ who we were with no facades, pretenses or witholding. It was even better over the phone, and we laughed and most importantly were very interested in each other’s realities and wanted to communicate more. Deep affinity soon took hold.

In May I told her I wanted to come visit. She was very amazed that I had made my mind up so fast, but it was also in her reality that it could be so. For me, I knew all I needed to know, so what was the point in introducing arbitraries. As it turned out, she had a strong intention to visit Florida, so I arranged for her to come to where I lived. She took care of her visa and leave from work, as did I. All external barriers fell away with ease, including what would be considered by most an uncomfortable interview with a government official for the visa. She visited for three weeks in July. By the end of the visit, I had proposed. I flew to St. Peterburg in December, and we are now married!

We are very happy and our smiles cannot be suppressed when together. Our dreams are big and surely will come to be, so all the other small stuff simply gets rolled over very easily. We are 100% intent on being together, and no barriers will stop us. Governments can make it difficult for two people who fall in love to then simply be together. Olga and I take this in stride, while breathing a sigh of ‘whatever’ . After recognizing this games condition, we put things into perspective: there’s a powerful dynamic here, life is long, and our plans are big!

We wish others to have our same good fortune, so we encourage you to drop any considerations you may have about distance and governmental barriers. Find the right person, wherever they are in the world, and make it go right! Thank you, Marcia, for creating this wonderful international service.

From Olga: When I started to communicate with Aaron on Affinity Exchange, I was surprised how incredible he was. He expressed his feelings and thoughts with such beautiful words! They really touched my heart. We found that we have a lot of things in common. Our plans, interests and purposes in life are almost the same. I understood that I had met someone very special for me.

Thousands of miles are between us (he lives in Florida, and I live in Russia), but despite all the barriers, we courted and got married. Now we see our future in very bright colors!

I was looking for a man with whom I can stay with forever. And now, thanks to Marcia and AE, I found him. I am not sure that it would have been possible without Affinity Exchange. Thank you for making our happiness possible!

Much love, Olga



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