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Mike and Holly


 “…We may have done things backward … but what’s a pirate to do?!”

 From Holly: I signed up for the Affinity Exchange and was a very active member. I noticed Mike’s profile, but he had not posted a picture. Usually I did not communicate to men without a picture, but I had already made many great new friends through Marcia’s site, which made me feel safe. So I re-read his profile and thought “Wow! It sounds like this guy and I have a LOT in common.” Thus I sent him a message.

After three or four emails back and forth through the site, we switched to personal emails. Even though we only lived about three miles apart, we emailed for several weeks before deciding to meet in person. We agreed that the best way to approach meeting was with the idea to become friends first and then see how it goes.

Rather than a stiff coffee date, we met at an arcade where we could play games and focus outward while getting to know one another. We found out immediately that we were able to easily talk about the many things we had in common. Our sense of humor was similar, and we shared similar points of view, like generally having fun with life.

After our first meeting, we emailed every day and began dating regularly. And so it went. After a couple of months, we became practically inseparable. In fact, in the last 3 years we have probably spent only a few days apart.

We love each other very much, and I am really thankful for the service Marcia provided, as it allowed us to meet when I am sure we would not have met without her—despite living so close!

We may have done things backward–first going on a “honeymoon” to Europe, then buying a house together, and THEN finally getting married–but what’s a pirate to do?!!

From Mike: I spent 40 years looking for the right partner. I had actually given up on the idea that I would find someone I truly loved.  I had “loved” various women during these years, but I was never “in love” until I met Holly. 

I was smart enough to know to put in my own effort by using the Affinity Exchange website. When I saw her profile, I said, “Wow! I love the things she says about herself and life.” It was a huge relief to be able to meet someone who turned out to be “the person I’ve been looking for all my life.”

Even though we lived in neighboring suburbs of Los Angeles, I probably would never have met Holly if it were not for the Affinity Exchange.  We had both been using the service for a while. After connecting, we exchanged a lot of messages, then began dating in April of 2010. 

Now it’s July 2013 and we have acquired and moved into a dream home, gotten married, and are enjoying life together in so many ways that it would take a book to list it all.  So basically, as corny as it sounds, both of our dreams are coming true! I didn’t have to give up finding someone I truly love. I did indeed find the love of my life. It’s great to wake up every day happy that your “other half” is there with you, and to look forward to seeing them every single day.  I never felt like this until I found Holly. We both thank the Affinity Exchange for helping us find each other.

John and Tina Marie

                    JOHN SCHAFFNER and TINA MARIE ESTEY

… believe it or not, we lived a block-and-a-half away from

                    each other but did NOT EVER cross paths! …”

From Tina: John and I have had many adventures in the past 4 years we have been together and have experienced what it means to really CREATE a relationship.  We both acknowledge we have an undeniable chemistry!

We both believe open and honest communication is the only way to keep a relationship alive and prospering.

We take beautiful trips, have incredible date nights, he spoils me to pieces with incredible gifts, and, most importantly, we both enjoy the spiritual journey we are both on together.  I am completely satisfied in all the important areas that a woman/wife needs.  I love this man!

I must acknowledge Affinity Exchange for the chance to meet John.  Believe it or not, we lived a block-and-a-half away from each other, but did NOT EVER cross paths! So Affinity Exchange gets ALL the credit.

From John: I loved Tina from our first meeting at the coffee shop in Clearwater. She is my ONE, TRUE comm line and terminal. We have a connection that brings me pleasure that is difficult to describe in words.

We’re looking forward to a long and happy marriage together wherein we hope to help each other achieve our goals and dreams and make the achieving of those more special by our mutual connection with each other.

I never would have met Tina without the Affinity-Exchange, and I’m very grateful that I did!   🙂

Oliver and Carmen


… I was not really interested, as I had known her about 30 years ago …”

 From Oliver: I had been single for six years, and I missed having a terminal in my life. I had a few relationships, but they just didn’t work out, no matter how much I pretended that they were okay. There was something missing. Fact is, I’m not easy to get along with. I have my beliefs and it took me a while to figure out that others couldn’t necessarily understand or have them. I also work and work and work and study and study and study and get involved with this or that activity – so I am VERY BUSY! Moonlight strolls along a sandy beach? Not likely. Now what kind of woman could put up with that? Not many.

But I am an engineer who uses lots of mathematics, and just looking at simple arithmetic (3.5 billion women on the planet, 70 million in the right age group, thousands who are Scientologists), plus having strong intention and all the magic that Scientology technology offers, the odds of finding a suitable spouse were very good.

(As an aside, here’s my advice for people looking for a partner: practice rejection, then it won’t bother you as much. Finding a spouse is a numbers game mixed with affinity, reality, lots of communication, administrative scales, conditions, “name-want-get,” and plain “chemistry.” Just because you were rejected doesn’t mean that there might not be someone out there who really wants you).

The Affinity Exchange was the obvious place to start as it’s full of attractive Scientology women who have potential. After posting my profile, I began outflowing. I received responses from women from all over—even Russia, Brazil, Africa, etc.

Then one day I received an email from Carmen. I was not really interested, as I had known her about 30 years ago when I was married. At the time, she was a sexy, sparkling, energetic teenager with lots of intention. Nevertheless, I sent her a nice email and arranged to meet her. I enjoy going out, even if I don’t intend on making it a long term relationship.

It took about three dates before it hit me. Carmen was perfect for me! She had the persistence and toughness to put up with a guy like me. She did not fold when the going got tough, could be “mean and nasty” when required and very caring the rest of the time. She also understood the game I was playing as she was playing a similar game.

Maybe some people have blue birds and butterflies appear out of nowhere when they meet their true love. Me…I was in shock! Gawd! I’d met someone I was truly interested in who had similar intentions to my own and could put up with a guy like me. What do I do now? Well, what I did was dated her for well over a year and, once I knew that she was the one I wanted to marry, I married her!

From Carmen: I knew Oliver many years ago when I was still a teenager. I thought, oh well, he’s married. The years went by. I married and somehow stayed married for ten years. After the divorce, I had a few boyfriends, but I never did find the guy I was looking for.

Wanting to find a man with similar goals, I turned to the Affinity Exchange. After four months of unsuccessful dating, Oliver’s picture showed up as an Affinity Exchange Premier Member. I was astonished! At first, I wasn’t sure he if he would want to go out with me, as when we were work associates, we were friendly but not necessarily good friends. I did a little research into what I really wanted in a guy, and when I looked at my own goals and purposes, he matched them. So I sent him a ‘’hello’’ on the website. I really wanted to talk to him and find out if he was still the same likable guy he was back when.

I went out with him once a week for about two months to make sure that he was the right guy before going any further. He spent time helping me to further my goals, for which I am very grateful, and I worked to improve his life as well. I found out he was very picky, but still my affinity for him continued to grow.

We wound up getting married at the Ideal Church in Las Vegas on December 24, 2012–1½ years after we connected through the Affinity-Exchange. We are very happy together and get along wonderfully. Thank you, Marcia, for providing this wonderful service.

Jeff and Rosy


 From Jeff: I was on The Affinity Exchange for about a year-and-a- half with a brief profile and maybe one picture. I hadn’t upgraded to paid membership as I was thinking that if someone was interested, they would contact me. That didn’t happen. As soon as I decided I was going to pull in the girl of my dreams, I upgraded, fixed up my profile and posted a few pictures. I saw results immediately.

I was communicating with several girls from all around the world (I hadn’t put any limit on where they were from). I had no idea where I would find the love of my life. After three weeks on the site, I sent a communication to Rosy. She looked attractive, and she had several items in her profile that were in common between us. She responded very quickly. From that point (August of 2011), our communication kept growing.

Three weeks after we started communicating, I decided this is the woman of my life. I wanted to make sure she would be happy living with me in Battle Creek, Michigan, so I invited her to visit for a long weekend. I took her to different spots in the area, and we went skydiving (the first time for the both of us). It was a perfect match, and she loved the area!

Over the course of the next year, we traveled back and forth between Mexico City and the United States. She met my family, and I met hers. Everything was perfect. When she visited in June of 2012, I surprised her by proposing to her at Niagara Falls. We got married on July 19th and have been living together very happily for the past 6 months–and intend to remain happily married for the rest of our lives.

Thank you to Marcia for providing such an amazing service to allow two people to meet who otherwise might not have.

From Rosy: For several years I had been looking for the love of my life–my perfect match. Then a friend of mine told me to join AE, which I did. After one month of being in communication with several guys, a reach came to me from “mi amor.” We have not stopped communicating since then. Quickly discovering that we had so much in common, we found ourselves dreaming and making plans for the future without even having met in person!

After a month of e-mailing and talking on the phone, I flew to Michigan for a few days. When I saw him for the first time at the airport, I said to myself, “Yes, he is the one!” It was so exciting!!

We had an amazing time together–went here and there, ate sushi, even skydived! Everything went perfect between us.

Since then we traveled back and forth several times to see each other and meet each other’s families. On our trip to Niagara Falls, he proposed–such an exciting and romantic moment!!

We soon after got married–why wait?!! We’ve been together ever since, living happily ever after!! We’ve been creating and enjoying ourselves so much! I am so happy to have met Jeff. He is definitely the one I want to be with the rest of my life

I want to thank you, Marcia, for having this website, otherwise I would not have had the opportunity to meet Jeff.

Daniel and Simone


From Simone: I had been on Affinity Exchange for awhile, following Marcia’s advice, when I saw Daniel’s profile. I sent him a smile, as well as an email, and he soundly rebuffed me. I attempted to keep the communication going regardless of his stated refusal to have anything to do with me. He told me he was not interested in a long distance relationship, and, if he was, it would probably be with another woman in my city (someone I knew) with whom he had been exchanging emails.

Now, if I had learned anything, it was that guys on this site, although interested in a relationship, tended to be “fraidy cats;” it took a lot of intention to get them to have the idea that having an actual relationship is possible and could be fun. Anyhow, since Daniel would have nothing to do with me, I went my merry way.

Curiously enough, he ended up emailing me a few weeks later, saying that maybe we could communicate and see what happens. We set up a time to talk over the phone and then he tried to cop out, saying he had to go to bed. However, he did call , and after that we spoke often and a lot.

I suggested I fly down (Toronto to New Jersey) to meet him, as I had read the advice on this site and agreed that meeting sooner rather than later was best. So I flew down for a weekend, and, although it was a sort of rough weekend in some ways, overall it went well.

We started meeting every couple of weeks at the border (I live in Canada and he had no passport).The rest is history.

Daniel has been very supportive of me in every way and has done all he could to be a part of my life and to make my life better.

Our backgrounds are so similar it is spooky. We are both contractors so our interests are the same. I can do things he can’t and he does things I don’t.  Our skills complement each other, allowing us to work together very well.

I love him dearly. He has become such an integral part of my life, it is hard to imagine being without him.

We were married last month in a beautiful ceremony with all my family and friends in attendance. We are both very happy. Thank you, Marcia!

From Dan: I had been on Affinity Exchange for a bit, and met a few nice ladies, but none near my city.  When Simone first contacted me, I liked her profile, but I thought she was too far away.  She contacted me again.  I said no again.  However, her intention was very strong.  Her profile was one of two that really matched my feelings, and hers was the most exact.  Plus, she looked theta in her picture. So, after a few weeks, I sent an email and then started talking with her on the phone. I realized I felt extreme affinity for her, and when I first saw her in person, I was really taken with her.

I decided to make the effort to keep meeting her, so got my passport and have traveled to Canada many, many times. She has come to Jersey as well. 

When we were married, I was so elated–really just a wonderful feeling to have a woman you can love and trust. I do love her–quite intensely, in fact.  She is always there, always on my side, and the care she shows me is remarkable.

She was worth the wait, worth the time, and worth the travel. I feel lucky that she found me! Thank you, Marcia.

P.S. Until immigration is completed, I am still traveling.  Not a problem.


Wayne and Anel


From Wayne: I originally joined The Affinity Exchange shortly after becoming a Scientologist in 2002. I’m a chiropractor in Washington, D.C. I met several very nice women and made as many friends. When I knew a courtship was not going to go the route, I would rejoin AE, do new searches, and get in comm with new prospects. I had one long-lasting relationship, but ultimately it did not work out.

In July of 2011 I saw and read the profile of a woman in Mexico City who had the same goals as myself.  We first got in comm on the site and then began to talk via Skype. We talked very often and then began to talk every day. We got along amazingly well and our affinity, reality and communication kept going up.

One day, after a few months, Anel told me she loved me. It made me so happy! I then told her that I loved her.  Near the end of October, I flew to Mexico City. We found we were very compatible and were super comfortable with each other. Anel came to visit me in December, at which time I asked her to marry me.

In January I returned to Mexico, this time to ask for her family’s blessing, which I received. Anel moved to D.C. later that month and we were married in February.

We are very, very happy and are looking forward to children and a wonderful life together. Thank you, Marcia!

My advice from my experience on AE–you should persist and not give up until you find your match.

From Anel: I had been on The Affinity Exchange for only two weeks when Wayne contacted me. Before that, I didn’t believe in using a dating service, but a friend of mine told me maybe I could find someone on AE.

Wayne wrote to me first, and then we began to talk a lot using Skype. When he told me he was going to visit me in October, I couldn’t believe it. But it happened, and now I am married to an excellent man!

I hope everyone can find someone like I did. I’m now a believer! Thank you, Marcia, for creating this wonderful site.


Myles and Olga



From Olga: My name is Olga. I’m from Russia. In 2010, I began to create active threads to find a loved one with whom I could create a family. My story is both unusual and romantic. For instance, I already had three children–an integral part of my life.  Thus, I realized that my mate would need to have a big, loving and caring heart.

In spring of 2010, I had a lot of spiritual counseling and also worked to improve my ethics—both to a great result.

One of my friends had registered on The Affinity Exchange site, so I did too; but the site was in English, which I did not understand.  All that I could do was look at the photographs of people who were interested in me. I paid little attention due to the language barrier. Then in early September, I saw that my profile had been repeatedly looked at by the same man, who finally sent me a message.

I was amazed by his picture, or rather his eyes, which beamed peace, love, confidence, and caring. I wanted to answer him, so asked for help from my friend who teaches English. We wrote a letter using conventional phrases of introduction.  He lived in Canada so there was a 10 hour time difference, but he responded quickly with a very warm letter. I felt comfortable communicating with him. We then wrote daily, quickly increasing our reality. For example, I found out he also had three children!

Our feelings became stronger after our first contact using Skype. I could talk, but my English was very poor and I had trouble finding a translator. But we were able to look at each other, which was more important than words!  There were a lot of feelings and desire to carry out our intentions. Myles asked me if I wanted to be with him and said I had to answer yes–I could not answer no. I felt it was too fast in our short acquaintance, but I could not answer no.  I said yes!  Myles was thrilled!

Almost immediately we began to plan our meeting. Because of difficulties with Russian visas, Myles flew to Russia on November 11th. The day after his arrival, he knelt in front of me, held out the ring, and proposed! It was unforgettable!! We stayed in a nice hotel next to my city of Togliatti. I felt like a queen! I felt an endless stream of love and caring. We knew, despite the language barrier, that we loved each other.  Myles met my children and my mother. His kindness and charm won them over. We were together for four fabulous days.

We planned for him to return in the spring and arrange a marriage in Russia. I had failed in previous relationships, and sometimes I feared this would happen again; but Myles, with his love, confidence, and communication, dissolved my doubts.  Despite frustrating delays, I stayed positive and continued sewing my wedding dress. We talked every day on Skype and wrote letters to each other. Our children also began to communicate and became friends!

Our love expanded! I wore a ring, which gave me confidence in our future together. It was a long wait to complete all the documents, but finally, on December 25, 2011, he arrived! I met him at the airport, my heart jumping for joy!  He could only stay 6 days.

We enjoyed each other’s company, always holding hands.  The physical contact helped make up for the year of waiting.  Every day we worked on document preparations for the marriage. Not all the information was acceptable to the chief registrar, which put us through a difficult period of worries and stress. We supported each other with our love and postulates to be together–and we won! On 30 December we received permission to get married.  That left only half a day for wedding preparations!

The restaurants were very busy with New Year’s feasts, but through our joint efforts, and the help of my friends, we created our wedding!  I was a very happy bride. Together, we shine like a bright constellation! The next morning my husband had to return to Canada. I do not feel sad, as our relationship is filled with love and power!  Now, I wear two rings. One of them depicts the symbol of infinity–our love is endless!

I am very grateful for The Affinity Exchange as it allowed me to expand my lines of communication such that I was able to meet my beloved man!  We have a great love, the glow of which extends to our family and all who are close to us!  — With infinite respect and gratitude, Olga Pang.

From Myles: I started a membership with The Affinity Exchange as I knew it included members with similar interests to me, especially in relation to spiritual beliefs. This was a major area of misalignment in my first marriage.

I started exchanging communication with a few women and was considering arranging to meet a lady from Venezuela when I got a reply from Olga. I remember looking at her profile and pictures and thinking that this lady would be at the top of the list and would challenge me to be the best me that I could be. My impression was that she was ethical, determined and beautiful!

After a few email communications we decided to have a video conversation on Skype. In this conversation we discussed that I was considering meeting another lady. It was apparent that I needed to make a choice. I chose Olga right then and there during that Skype conversation! It was a magical moment when we recognized our intentions towards each other. Somehow it felt right, familiar and perfect! Even though we did not know each other’s language and had to use Google to translate our emails and chats, it was still perfect!

A couple of months later I was in Russia. I proposed, and she said yes!

It took a frustratingly long time to get the papers ready to be able to be married in Russia. Though we did not see each other for a year, our relationship and love grew stronger all the while.

I flew out from Canada on Christmas eve. I had a stack of documents about an inch thick. We went to the authorities in Russia to get permission to be married. We had only 5 business days total to get this sorted out and get married. One of the documents was missing a stamp from the Russian embassy in Canada. The official answer was that we could not be married. Somehow, by intention and communication, the official responsible for making the decision said that if I signed one more affidavit in Russia, she would allow it. On Wednesday we got the affidavit signed and received our invitation to be married on Friday at 14:30! My flight home was on Saturday morning!

Well, Olga managed to pull together all her friends for a Friday afternoon wedding. We had a professional photographer, video, flowers and all the trimmings. We somehow got a perfect sized private room in our favorite restaurant! It was a wonderful wedding with family and warm friends. She has three wonderful children who are excited about coming to Canada. They are already Facebook friends with my three girls, who are equally excited to have two new brothers and another sister!

Olga and I are perfectly aligned in our life goals, and we both know that we love each other more than we can express. We know that we don’t need to say anything. Olga’s friends have observed that even though we have limited knowledge of each other’s language, we seem to have no problem communicating. Quite amazing, really!

While working on the immigration process, I’m busy building some more bedrooms in the basement to accommodate our soon-to-be family of 8!

Thank you, Affinity Exchange, for making it possible to find the love that exceeds my dreams!

— Love, Myles