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From Dennis: It is almost six years now since I married Tatiana. In that time, my second dynamic has flourished far beyond what I could have hoped for as a younger man. I am sure my wife loves me as do I her.

We connected some 8 years ago through the Affinity Exchange. My previous marriage was painful, causing me to vow to never again marry–let alone to someone out of the country! Tatiana was a Russian spiritual counselor practicing in Lisbon, Portugal. She was a long way from her home, which was in Minsk, Belarus. We conversed through emails and Skype for over a year. She finally convinced me to meet her in Portugal.

It went well. I felt she was the one for me. We soon planned to marry and pulled it off. It was a big deal for both of us, and a big move for her, especially as she brought her teenaged daughter with her.

In the beginning, things were tough. I think it was mainly due to myself having lived for so many years alone. It took the better part of the first three years for us both to acclimate to one another. She was wonderful about accepting me for who I am, and I am most grateful for that. I think that’s what it is all about. I never thought I would have that in this lifetime. I thought it was too late for me, so was especially happy that I found her!

It helped tremendously that we share the same religion; thus spiritually, our goals, realities, and communication are equal. It’s tough if you cannot speak to someone of your essence so that they can understand. I think it helps to tell about your goals and aspirations up front. Things change over time. Goals change over time, but knowing where you are headed before one starts needs to be communicated up front. This requires courage and honesty.

I love my wife. She has made me the happiest man in the world. Though we are not yet where we want to be on all the other dynamics, as regards our second dynamic, we are flourishing and prospering. I would not trade it for anything in the world.

Thank you to the Affinity Exchange for bringing us together.  

From Tatiana: I was a successful spiritual counselor (class 5) in the field, practicing in Lisbon, when I first connected with Dennis. I have four girls from previous unsuccessful marriages back in Belarus; thus I was skeptical about my chances of having a successful long-term relationship. But, fortunately, I decided to use the Affinity Exchange website to try and find someone. Dennis and I communicated for over a year before he was able to come Lisbon to meet me. It was love at first sight!

After I came to the U.S. and we got married, the relationship encountered difficulties. We are from different countries and different cultures. But we persisted, and, as time went on, I came to understand that I could trust my husband. I will not betray him and he will not betray me. We discovered that we can work things out because we have common goals. He is very very helpful to me, and I am helpful to him. Eventually I realized that I feel much better with him than without him, and, of course, I love him.

Now we have big plans for the future. We push each other to make forward progress in achieving our spiritual goals. Our 2nd dynamic is expanding with the addition of two grandchildren, plus two more coming soon. We purchased a new house and will soon have a small farm.

I look forward to being with him every day. I am happy! Thank you, Affinity Exchange, for making all this possible.


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From Katya: It was great! I connected with Max within a week of signing up! It’s almost 2 years now that we have been together. We got married in October 2014. Recently I read again what he wrote about himself on the site (I have the text in my laptop)–all those great things are true. 🙂

Thank you so much for creating the Affinity Exchange so that we could connect.

From Max: I’d been on the site for a couple of years when Katya’s profile popped up. Meeting her was one of the best things that’s ever happened to me! I have met a lot of people online, so at first I was like–wait, she lives in Russia? I live in California, so how’s that ever going to work? But we hit it off right away–we had an amazing connection from the start. When we started communicating, I was so excited about her that I hardly slept for four days! It wasn’t like a bad thing– was just so excited that I didn’t want to sleep.

We talked on video every day. (My advice: FaceTime is the best video chat service between Russia and the US, if you are able use it.) Our affinity grew and grew and grew. She visited me a bunch of times, and we had an incredible time together!

We actually had decided to be engaged just four days after we started communicating. I know, that sounds crazy right? I almost kind of thought it was. I was like, “Really? I thought things like that never work out. It’s too good to be true!” But wow, did it ever work out! Wow, wow, WOW!!

Katya is like magic. Our relationship is like magic! I know a lot of people in the world, and we have one of the best relationships I’ve ever seen or heard of.

Since our marriage in October 2014, things have only gotten better. Thanks so much to FreeSpiritSingles and Affinity Exchange for providing such a great service where we could find each other!

By the way, paying for the service is totally worthwhile–DEFINITELY a good investment! 😀

Love, Max






…and immediately (within seconds) *ping* a new email came in.  It was from Ray.”

 From Sheri: Having been married before, I had a pretty good understanding of what worked and what didn’t–or so I thought!  My friend Megan told me that what I needed was a “Yenta” … the traditional Yiddish matchmaker of old.  She volunteered her services and told me she had good stats in the area in that people she had introduced had gotten and stayed happily married.  I agreed!

Her first instructions were to get signed up with Affinity Exchange, which I did.  I was a free member for six months and found it useful, but less than ideal for my needs, so I changed to a paid subscription and it made all the difference.   I know and like myself, so I thought the best way to find the right person was to be very honest–a “what you see is what you get” kind of reach.

I didn’t write what I thought someone would want to hear but wrote about who I was and what I was looking for.  I met and/or dated several very nice gentlemen over the course of a year, some only once, and one several times. I have kept in touch with a few that met my needs as friends, but not as a partner.  

At one point I got a bit discouraged as I kept running into the same scenario, that is, I was not quite what they were looking for. Also I had trouble answering their questions about my spiritual progress. I talked this over with Megan and she advised me to discuss these matters with the appropriate people at my church. This really indicated, and immediately (within seconds) *ping* a new email came in.  It was from Ray.

As I read the words “I just had to write …”, followed by a detailed and lengthy comparison between my essays and his point of view, my grin got bigger and bigger!  Megan asked, “What are you reading?” I read her the entire email.  Her reply was, “Oh, you’ve got to meet this one!”

I was living in Northern California, but it turns out when his email came I was visiting L.A. with the intention of planning a move back. Ray wanted to take advantage of our proximity (nine miles instead of 350!), and we agreed to meet the next day.  As soon as I talked to Ray over coffee, I knew we would be very good friends.  He was the first to see that we would be so much more.  Megan met him (as any good Yenta should!) and approved.

Once back in Northern California, we kept in touch and spoke almost daily.  I fell in love with him over the phone!  My company previously had informed me that it would be a year or more before I could transfer back to L.A.  Miraculously, a few weeks after meeting Ray, they informed me my transfer had been approved for the following month!  So two months after meeting Ray, I was able to join him.

He is the kindest, sweetest man I could ever hope for.  He encourages me to be more and inspires me just by being himself. We were married a year and four months after meeting.  Megan was my matron of honor, and my son walked me down the aisle.

Thank you, Marcia, for providing a wonderful way to meet the right person!

From Ray: The Affinity Exchange was the best way I found of finding prospects with purposes, likes and realities similar to mine.  The search categories were just what I needed and were very helpful.

I had been looking for a 2D for close to two years.  Using the Affinity Exchange’s search criteria, I did a search and found Sheri’s profile.  As I read it, it was as if I was checking off item after item after item after item, nodding my head and wanting to let her know how each matched myself or my interests or what I was looking for.  The list of shared realities went on for all two pages of her profile. My first words that burst out when I wrote to her were, “I just had to write…”

We use those words now as the symbol of our first anniversary–the day we connected and then met.

That first date turned into four dates on the same day–a meeting for coffee, followed by lunch; then   meeting her son at the Barnes and Noble bookstore; then joining them for an afternoon movie; then dinner for all of us that evening!

We were married a year and four months later.  We will be together for the rest of this lifetime.

Thank you sincerely for helping us meet and helping to make happen this joining of lives.