Daniel and Simone


From Simone: I had been on Affinity Exchange for awhile, following Marcia’s advice, when I saw Daniel’s profile. I sent him a smile, as well as an email, and he soundly rebuffed me. I attempted to keep the communication going regardless of his stated refusal to have anything to do with me. He told me he was not interested in a long distance relationship, and, if he was, it would probably be with another woman in my city (someone I knew) with whom he had been exchanging emails.

Now, if I had learned anything, it was that guys on this site, although interested in a relationship, tended to be “fraidy cats;” it took a lot of intention to get them to have the idea that having an actual relationship is possible and could be fun. Anyhow, since Daniel would have nothing to do with me, I went my merry way.

Curiously enough, he ended up emailing me a few weeks later, saying that maybe we could communicate and see what happens. We set up a time to talk over the phone and then he tried to cop out, saying he had to go to bed. However, he did call , and after that we spoke often and a lot.

I suggested I fly down (Toronto to New Jersey) to meet him, as I had read the advice on this site and agreed that meeting sooner rather than later was best. So I flew down for a weekend, and, although it was a sort of rough weekend in some ways, overall it went well.

We started meeting every couple of weeks at the border (I live in Canada and he had no passport).The rest is history.

Daniel has been very supportive of me in every way and has done all he could to be a part of my life and to make my life better.

Our backgrounds are so similar it is spooky. We are both contractors so our interests are the same. I can do things he can’t and he does things I don’t.  Our skills complement each other, allowing us to work together very well.

I love him dearly. He has become such an integral part of my life, it is hard to imagine being without him.

We were married last month in a beautiful ceremony with all my family and friends in attendance. We are both very happy. Thank you, Marcia!

From Dan: I had been on Affinity Exchange for a bit, and met a few nice ladies, but none near my city.  When Simone first contacted me, I liked her profile, but I thought she was too far away.  She contacted me again.  I said no again.  However, her intention was very strong.  Her profile was one of two that really matched my feelings, and hers was the most exact.  Plus, she looked theta in her picture. So, after a few weeks, I sent an email and then started talking with her on the phone. I realized I felt extreme affinity for her, and when I first saw her in person, I was really taken with her.

I decided to make the effort to keep meeting her, so got my passport and have traveled to Canada many, many times. She has come to Jersey as well. 

When we were married, I was so elated–really just a wonderful feeling to have a woman you can love and trust. I do love her–quite intensely, in fact.  She is always there, always on my side, and the care she shows me is remarkable.

She was worth the wait, worth the time, and worth the travel. I feel lucky that she found me! Thank you, Marcia.

P.S. Until immigration is completed, I am still traveling.  Not a problem.


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