Gene and Bridgette



From Bridgette: The entire Affinity Exchange experience actually started out with a bottle of wine, two very dear girlfriends, and a laptop. I was brand new to internet dating—actually did it because my friends pushed me into it. I guess I had become one of their projects.

I wasn’t on the Affinity Exchange very long, had just about given up, and had actually decided to close down my profile. I was literally in the middle of trying to figure out how to do it when I noticed that I had been hot listed. Having no idea what that was, I looked into it and, in so doing, discovered Gene. There he was!

He is exactly what I was looking for, and vice-versa. We instantly fell head-over-heels in love! He is a wonderful man. Our relationship is so easy–there is no effort—it’s just a bundle of joy. We couldn’t be happier!

We are putting together our “From the Beginning…” Scrapbook. We both want to have what our profiles said, as well as all of the emails that led up to our dating, etc.

For something I originally pooh-poohed, boy, what an incredible happy ending! I cannot thank you enough for your site, your kindness, and your help. It is a very needed thing. My life is very complete and I feel very fulfilled. — Much love, Bridgette

From Gene: I had recently ended a relationship and felt that I was not quite ready to resume dating when I first logged onto the website. I was actually just trying to take a step towards “getting back into the game” by setting up my profile and bookmarking a few people I might be interested in contacting once I felt I was ready. I was perturbed that I couldn’t figure out how to hide my newly created profile, as I didn’t want anyone to see it just yet.

Well, one of the women I bookmarked (hotlisted) did see my profile before I had the opportunity to hide it. She not only saw it, but winked at me via the site three times that same night. I couldn’t very well ignore that! So I joined the next day and e-mailed her, thereby beginning the greatest relationship I could possibly imagine.

We met a few days later. After two months, we were engaged. Six months later, we were married. And the honeymoon continues every single day. Bridgette is the most incredible woman I’ve ever met and is everything I could possibly desire in a life partner . . . and more! Words could never adequately describe my love for her and how tremendously she has enhanced my life.

Thank you for providing the forum for me to find my true soulmate. – Love, Gene



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