Glenski Success Story



From Lile:   When it came to my love life, I had lots of hopes, usually followed by failures. But I kept searching and hoping. Finally I realized my main mistake: I kept on choosing the wrong type of man. So I decided to change that.


I found out about The Affinity Exchange about 6 years ago but didn’t like the idea of finding my mate that way–it was totally unreal to me; so I continually refused to put my profile on it.


After experiencing another disappointment, I said to myself, “Okay, let`s just peek into Affinity Exchange, just to see what is it all about.”  So I created a skimpy little profile with just one picture and some generalities, but I blew it off when I had to say something about myself. A year later, after quite a few reminders from Marcia to fill out my profile all the way, I decided to do so. Once it was approved, I started to look for prospects and I sent Hello’s to some. After three weeks of occasionally doing so, Paul replied with a message that said “I had to Google Skopje, Macedonia to find out where you live.”  Ha-ha…


After couple of days, we started to Skype and kept on Skyping every night. What interested me most in this man was that he smiled a lot and greeted me with excitement, and we had such great communication—just what I needed! Two weeks later I felt I was falling in love with him.


It was the smoothest relationship ever, even from the beginning! I was amazed at how easy it was for us–no effort, no misemotion, no doubts… just nice and easy.  Two months after we met on AE, he flew to Macedonia to visit me; then I went to visit him in Florida. I loved it there. We spent four months together and found out we were perfect for each other.


Eighteen months later, in the summer of 2011, we got married.  It was the happiest day of my life!  I wish our wedding party could have lasted for a week!


Paul has made me a very happy woman. He is totally the man I was looking for.  Can you imagine not having a single fight in almost two years?!  How wonderful is that?!  Not to mention little surprises I get from him now and then, the way he looks at me when he tells me how fortunate he is to have me… and lots of little beautiful things he emanates as a person. I am a very much loved woman, and I`m hopelessly in love with my husband!


Whenever somebody asks me how we met, I proudly say, “The Affinity Exchange site.”

I`ve recommended it to all my single friends, as thanks to AE and its creator Marcia, I found my perfect match!


From Paul:  Using The Affinity Exchange, I met a wonderful woman named Lile.  I feel truly lucky and fortunate to find such a loving, caring, and thoughtful woman who loves me so much!  We got married this past July.  Let me start at the beginning of the story.


I joined AE about two years ago.  I lived in Clearwater, Florida, and was looking for a girlfriend who lived in that area.  I started to get communication from women in Russia and I thought that was so weird.  Actually it irritated me.  I would simply delete the emails.  Then I read an email from Marcia where she recommended acknowledging all communication.  Made some sense.


Shortly after that I received a communication from Lile, who lived in Macedonia.  “Where’s that?” I thought.  I had to Google it (it’s near Greece).   Following Marcia’s recommendation, I replied with an email.  After one week Lile and I started to Skype.  That was November.  I had no intention of having a 2D with her due to the distance, etc,  but I did enjoy the conversations.  We talked almost every day for two months.  What impressed me the most was our comm cycle, which was very smooth, easygoing and enjoyable.


By December she wanted me to come and visit, but I was fearful.  I told her stories about the Albanian mafia and human trafficking and how I was concerned for my safety.  She would laugh and tell me not to worry.  I also had negative considerations on having long distance relationships, but we just kept skyping.  This may sound corny, but I started to fall in love.  Her eyes were so bright and she was always so eager to see me, plus that wonderful and endearing smile!  I managed to change my considerations about distance, safety, etc. and went to visit her in January for two weeks, after which we knew we would be a good match.


We have known each other now for almost two years.  It has been remarkably smooth–not one argument or upset.  I never thought I’d be able to find someone so compatible.


We are now living in Macedonia with the idea of  moving to Istanbul.  Wow!  Have things changed for me–and with very little effort.  That’s the truly amazing part!  Thank you, Marcia.



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