From Greg:  A friend told me about Affinity Exchange so I signed up.  I was looking for my long-term soulmate.

Somehow I knew she was not in Australia.  For some reason, when the banner line of photos of women members came up, my attention kept going to Isabelle’s photo.  So one day I clicked on it, pulled up her profile, and sent a little hello.  That’s how the communication got started.

We exchanged some email messages and then talked over Skype.  Shortly thereafter I flew to Paris and stayed in France for a month.

We’ve been together ever since, travelling back and forth.  I mostly stay in Paris, traveling to Australia as needed.  We got married first in Paris and then again on the Freewinds ship in the Caribbean.

Due to our strong characters, distance, differences in culture and language, we went through a lot; but I think that part of the pleasure in a relationship comes from persisting through the hard times as well as the easy times.  From two individuals, we are now growing together as a loving team.

We laugh, we cry, we kiss, we fight, we make up, we learn, we fix, we grow, and that’s truly living life!

From Isabelle:  A friend of mine met her soulmate on Affinity Exchange, so after my divorce became final, I signed up.

I had no considerations on where or how my soulmate would be; although when Greg sent me a message, I thought he would only be a friend due to the distance.

We talked over the phone (Skype) only once.  I hung up and said to my kids, “I just talked to your new stepfather.”  I instantly knew Greg was my soulmate!

Greg flew to Paris a few weeks later and stayed for a month.  Then he invited me to Australia.  During the next few months we were flying back and forth.

We got married knowing we’d have to go through quite a few difficulties, but our viewpoint was that getting married would give us a higher level of commitment, which would make it easier to solve any problems that came up.  We did well to do so.  Marriage is indeed a journey–exciting, challenging, sometimes hard, but always  always incredibly rewarding in the end.

Thanks for having given us (and four of my friends!) the opportunity to find my soulmate.


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