Greg and Marlana



 From Marlana: I had never imagined meeting someone through a dating website, but I had ended a relationship and, after a little while, I decided I would try the Affinity Exchange. I had been in California before and decided I wanted to return, so I searched the website for guys in California as well as New Jersey.

I sent smiles to a few guys, but there was one in particular who caught my interest. Something in his eyes came through to me—something special. However, he did not respond to the smile. Nevertheless, after awhile I decided to email him. Still I did not hear from him. That was around December 2008. In February 2009, I sent him a message letting him know that although I was interested in finding a partner, I was also interested in meeting new friends in California since I was moving there. This time he answered. (Later on, I found out that the reason he did not answer earlier was because he was in a relationship at that time).

This started our communication via emails, just asking questions and getting to know each other.

Once he was convinced I was really coming to California, we started talking on the phone. I enjoyed this time of “getting to know each other.” He had a wonderful sound to his voice. I felt I could say almost anything. We became really close at this point. We started to web cam about a month or so before I moved. I had some stable things going for me in New Jersey, so relocating was a big change and involved some risks. Greg became a stable point for me. While I was traveling, we communicated every day by one means or another.

When I arrived and was walking up to his door, I experienced doubts, but then I remembered all the great comm cycles we’d had and how he was there for me when I was having a rough time with the move.  

We then hung out a lot and really got to know each other, becoming really good friends. I appreciated his wonderful heart and sincerity. He made me feel good about myself and was supportive of my goals. Thus I started to fall in love with him and realize I had a really good thing going. 

What is really important to me is that we are best friends, can be ourselves, and support each others’ goals. We may not always be on the same page, but hey!–that’s real life. Here is a quote I love: “A great marriage is not when the ‘perfect couple’ come together. It is when an imperfect couple learns to enjoy their differences.”

Another good one: “We are all a little weird and life’s a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love. ” 

I found someone with a true and sincere heart–what I really wanted in a man. When I look into his eyes, I see his love for me and that makes me love him even more. I feel that when people are looking for a lifelong partner, they should not be so quick to judge. You should take time to really get to know the person inside. If they have similar goals to you, and you like who they are inside as a being, go for it. You may be looking for some ideal “look,” as well as how you want them to be and act. If you go a little out of this set reality, you may be surprised at what you find. I am so happy I was not quick to judge as I would have missed out on a good- hearted, sincere man. And remember, a relationship doesn’t just “happen.” You have to work at it to some degree. Be creative and make it fun! 

We got married on October 9, 2010. We continue to create the future together and help each other achieve our goals. Thank you, Marcia, for making this possible!

From Greg: I had joined the Affinity Exchange to see if I could find a girlfriend.  I went on some dates and had lots of fun. However, I wasn’t finding that special one I was searching for. 

I was just about to quit the site, but I had one more month paid for.  Then Marlana smiled at me for the second time.  She was in New Jersey so I didn’t really pay any mind because I was looking for someone in L.A.  However, I felt the intention that she wanted to communicate, so I emailed her and we started emailing back and forth. When she told me she was moving to Los Angeles, I became real interested.

We had lots of communication back and forth before she got to LA.  When she finally arrived, it was time to see if we could really date and have fun together. If not, I would have at least made a new friend.  

After a month or so, we were really getting to know each other, and I felt that she was the one that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.  We had become best friends and really clicked. After being together about 10 months, I proposed to her.  Without any hesitation she said YES!  We had a great wedding in October.

I knew when she said yes that we were best friends for life and would never be alone again.  Six months later, we still share our days together like it was our first date. 

The Affinity Exchange site provided the tool to help me find the love of my life.  Thank you, Marcia!


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