Back in 2015, I started studying Scientology. I came to realize that the relationship I was in was not enhancing my survival, so I ended it.

A friend told me about the Affinity Exchange, and I signed up. Near the beginning of 2016, I connected with Angelina, who lived in Russia.

In April 2016 she came to California for the birthday of an extended family member; thus we were able to meet. During her visit, the affinity, reality and communication kept growing, and we have since never been apart.  Our life together has been a spectacular experience of love, romance, adventure, and personal growth.

We were married on July 17, 2016 at our beautiful home, Chateau de la Mer, in Southern California, along with 40 other family and friends. 

If it had not been for the Affinity Exchange and your assistance, we would not have met and gotten married.  Thank you so much for your wonderful service and all of your help!

Love, Jeff


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