John and Tina Marie

                    JOHN SCHAFFNER and TINA MARIE ESTEY

… believe it or not, we lived a block-and-a-half away from

                    each other but did NOT EVER cross paths! …”

From Tina: John and I have had many adventures in the past 4 years we have been together and have experienced what it means to really CREATE a relationship.  We both acknowledge we have an undeniable chemistry!

We both believe open and honest communication is the only way to keep a relationship alive and prospering.

We take beautiful trips, have incredible date nights, he spoils me to pieces with incredible gifts, and, most importantly, we both enjoy the spiritual journey we are both on together.  I am completely satisfied in all the important areas that a woman/wife needs.  I love this man!

I must acknowledge Affinity Exchange for the chance to meet John.  Believe it or not, we lived a block-and-a-half away from each other, but did NOT EVER cross paths! So Affinity Exchange gets ALL the credit.

From John: I loved Tina from our first meeting at the coffee shop in Clearwater. She is my ONE, TRUE comm line and terminal. We have a connection that brings me pleasure that is difficult to describe in words.

We’re looking forward to a long and happy marriage together wherein we hope to help each other achieve our goals and dreams and make the achieving of those more special by our mutual connection with each other.

I never would have met Tina without the Affinity-Exchange, and I’m very grateful that I did!   🙂

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