Justin and Sol



From Justin: I’d had a few girlfriends, but nothing really worked out. I decided to move to Clearwater for the sole purpose of finding someone who could be my second half. Fortunately somebody told me about the Affinity Exchange and I signed up right then and there on my smart phone. In the next couple of years I had a few dates, but was still looking for my perfect match.


Then one day I received an email notification that someone had sent me a Wink. I looked at her profile and realized she was so beautiful that she was possibly even out of my league; but I set aside that consideration, winked back, and proceeded to upgrade my membership so that I could send her a message– which I did!


The pre-date occurred within a week, and the conversation over coffee went so well that we ended up going to lunch, and then to Disney World a week later.


On Christmas Eve, we had been together over seven months and were staying in a hotel room in Orlando as part of the celebration. For one of her presents, I had created a giant box with a series of smaller boxes within it (like Russian nesting dolls), containing the ring in the smallest box. She was shocked—and happy! The moment she opened up the final box to reveal the ring, I got down on one knee and proposed. She said yes right away!


We’ve been married for a year now, and I must say that both the courtship and the marriage have gone very smoothly. Thank you, Marcia, for creating this wonderful way for people to find each other!


From Sol: I’m from Venezuela. I relocated to Clearwater in 2009. After my divorce, a good friend encouraged me to sign up for the dating service. I was searching for a couple of weeks, and the flows were going both ways, but nothing developed. Then I came across Justin’s profile and sent him a Wink. He responded with a message that night and included his phone number.


Within a week we had our pre-date at Panera. We talked for about an hour about similar interests in going out and doing fun activities, as well as common tastes in music, after which he offered to drive me home. I invited him in, got him to play my guitar, and since we both were hungry by this point, we went out for lunch (a real date!) Two more hours of conversation ensued.


A week later we had our second date. On the third date—at Disney World—we started holding hands, and it went forward from there. In a matter of weeks, we decided to live together. We got engaged about 6 months later, and married about a year after that—a beautiful wedding on the beach!


Now and then disagreements would come up, but they were minor, and we were happy to see that we could work through any of it. Almost a year has now gone by since the wedding, and our relationship just keeps getting better. Thank you!







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