Luc and Edie


From Edie: “When I was 16, I knew what kind of man I wanted to marry. Many years later, Luc sent me an email through The Affinity Exchange.

I was in San Francisco and Luc was in London, so initially we spoke daily on the phone. Discovering we had the same goals and purposes, we both came to realize that we had the potential for a great relationship. So it wasn’t long before I was on a plane to London.

Five days after arriving, I found myself at the top of the Eiffel tower in Paris, where Luc got down on one knee and proposed!

Now, a year and a half after we got married, I can say that we are very happy together. We spend 95% of our time together and still feel like newlyweds! This would never have been possible without the help of The Affinity Exchange. Thank you so very much!”

From Luc: “I was in Scotland, when a friend of mine told me about The Affinity Exchange. I had decided that after my divorce and some mishaps, I wanted a Scientology partner and I wanted someone who wanted to get married–not just be friends. So I went ahead and put my profile on AE.

In September 2006, Edie ‘smiled’ at me, but there was no picture. However, I liked her profile and even sent her a bouquet of flowers for her birthday–and that without having seen any picture! But then I dropped it, as I could not conceive of the idea of going to San Francisco.

Fortunately, after nearly two years, Edie sent me an e-mail, as she found it strange that someone who had sent her a bouquet of flowers would suddenly stop communicating. It showed me her persistence and, lo and behold, within no time we were talking on the phone every day! I really liked the being at the other end of the line.

In 2008, as I still did not fancy flying across the pond, I invited Edie to come over to London for Christmas. She arrived at the airport and I was surprised when I saw her, as it turns out the picture she had sent me was 10 years old. This was the only time Edie had been less than truthful with me. But I stuck to my viewpoint of what I had perceived during our phone conversations all those months, especially our identical goals and purposes. I very much liked her ability to persist and make things go right!

Knowing how much Edie loved France, I invited her to go to Paris for 5 days. Among other places, we visited the Eiffel Tower–where better to propose?!–and the rest is history.

I moved to San Francisco a few months later. We got married, and now, more than a year and a half later, I can attest that we are very happy together and very much enjoy helping each other achieve our goals.

If it were not for The Affinity Exchange, Edie’s persistence, and me sticking to what I knew was right, I would not be the happy man I am now! Thank you, Marcia, and thank you, Edie.”


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