From Andi:  I am ever so thankful/grateful/lucky to have found such a great partner—actually in some way I was totally surprised!  In my effort to create a relationship, I had tried to fit square pegs into round holes. I met beautiful beings, but they were not good matches for me.  Thus I decided to focus on family and spiritual goals and made myself inactive while I regrouped.  However, something seemed missing without a 2D in my life to share and create with, so I would still browse now and then to see who was new.  When I saw Michael’s profile, I was instantly drawn to him.  I winked and he responded in short period of time.

The first time we talked for hours and both expressed some interest in meeting.  Then he stopped communicating.  I assumed he had met someone and deleted him from my phone; but some few weeks later he reached out to me. I honestly thought it was just to talk to another person of the same religion.  Anyway, we texted and talked daily and finally face-timed. We  met in person about a month after that, and it was fantastic!

I found him quite handsome and very elegant. We shared being physically active and having a healthy lifestyle.  He is intelligent, funny, very ethical and simple.  I admired the being immensely, and we had a similar aesthetic taste. We found more and more things we had in common.  I felt like my wish had manifested!

It’s been a year and we are now married.  We are still in the long-distance mode, postulating that one of us will soon be able to transfer.    But the distance/time thing has given us plenty of space to really get to know each other.  We can’t put anything on automatic.

We were going to run off to a Justice of the Peace last summer but decided we would get married with the families present and bring more reality and affinity for both our families and us.  It did.

We’ve experienced barriers, especially distance and time.  We’ve handled disagreements and overcome hurdles, growing stronger by continuing to communicate and being a stable terminal for each other.  It is such a blessing to have a man who willingly creates a relationship and constantly builds a beautiful union.

Emotionally, I’m rather volatile and also very determined, whereas he’s calm and mild-mannered.  I can be crazy giggly girlish about a double rainbow and then serious about keeping a clean communication line and vociferously demanding he do the same.  The point is, he grants me beingness and can handle me!

I am exceedingly grateful for the Affinity Exchange, as it was the vehicle that allowed our wishes to come true. This area of life can bring misunderstandings, betrayals, and loss; but it can also bring love and admiration, and a partner to reach one’s goals and effect miracles in an ever-expanding circle of life.  So no matter the considerations or past failures, it is crucial that one keeps getting up to bat.  One will never get the enjoyment and happiness gained in playing the game by sitting on the sidelines.  One must keep communicating.  I know of no better way to outflow to a large number of potential partners than from the comfort of home.   Thank you, Marcia!

From Michael:  When I first got onto Affinity Exchange, Andi’s profile was not visible.  She told me later that she wasn’t sure if she would meet someone on the site.

I had been on the site for a few weeks and had looked at just about every woman in the USA.  I had some communication with a few of them through the website, but I hadn’t felt the right spark with any of them and never met any of them in person.  Then one day I received a “hello” from Andi.  All of a sudden, here was this fantastic, theta woman who appeared out of nowhere, like a genie from a bottle!  (I‘ve learned since then that there are times when she really can work magic!)

Andi lived in Houston and I lived in Denver, So we started our relationship using FaceTime on our I-phones.  That went on for a couple of months, and then Andi came to Denver to visit so we could see how we would get along in person.   We already knew by then that we had the possibility of being great together.  We continued to visit each other every few weeks and found out that we were indeed great together!

We were married in March this year in the Hill Country of Texas outside Austin.  We had a beautiful Scientology ceremony with close family in attendance.  I am now in the process of relocating to Houston so we can continue creating a beautiful life together.

Affinity Exchange gave each of us the medium to meet someone with similar goals in life in a way no other dating site could have.  Thank you!



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