Mike and Holly


 “…We may have done things backward … but what’s a pirate to do?!”

 From Holly: I signed up for the Affinity Exchange and was a very active member. I noticed Mike’s profile, but he had not posted a picture. Usually I did not communicate to men without a picture, but I had already made many great new friends through Marcia’s site, which made me feel safe. So I re-read his profile and thought “Wow! It sounds like this guy and I have a LOT in common.” Thus I sent him a message.

After three or four emails back and forth through the site, we switched to personal emails. Even though we only lived about three miles apart, we emailed for several weeks before deciding to meet in person. We agreed that the best way to approach meeting was with the idea to become friends first and then see how it goes.

Rather than a stiff coffee date, we met at an arcade where we could play games and focus outward while getting to know one another. We found out immediately that we were able to easily talk about the many things we had in common. Our sense of humor was similar, and we shared similar points of view, like generally having fun with life.

After our first meeting, we emailed every day and began dating regularly. And so it went. After a couple of months, we became practically inseparable. In fact, in the last 3 years we have probably spent only a few days apart.

We love each other very much, and I am really thankful for the service Marcia provided, as it allowed us to meet when I am sure we would not have met without her—despite living so close!

We may have done things backward–first going on a “honeymoon” to Europe, then buying a house together, and THEN finally getting married–but what’s a pirate to do?!!

From Mike: I spent 40 years looking for the right partner. I had actually given up on the idea that I would find someone I truly loved.  I had “loved” various women during these years, but I was never “in love” until I met Holly. 

I was smart enough to know to put in my own effort by using the Affinity Exchange website. When I saw her profile, I said, “Wow! I love the things she says about herself and life.” It was a huge relief to be able to meet someone who turned out to be “the person I’ve been looking for all my life.”

Even though we lived in neighboring suburbs of Los Angeles, I probably would never have met Holly if it were not for the Affinity Exchange.  We had both been using the service for a while. After connecting, we exchanged a lot of messages, then began dating in April of 2010. 

Now it’s July 2013 and we have acquired and moved into a dream home, gotten married, and are enjoying life together in so many ways that it would take a book to list it all.  So basically, as corny as it sounds, both of our dreams are coming true! I didn’t have to give up finding someone I truly love. I did indeed find the love of my life. It’s great to wake up every day happy that your “other half” is there with you, and to look forward to seeing them every single day.  I never felt like this until I found Holly. We both thank the Affinity Exchange for helping us find each other.

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