Myles and Olga



From Olga: My name is Olga. I’m from Russia. In 2010, I began to create active threads to find a loved one with whom I could create a family. My story is both unusual and romantic. For instance, I already had three children–an integral part of my life.  Thus, I realized that my mate would need to have a big, loving and caring heart.

In spring of 2010, I had a lot of spiritual counseling and also worked to improve my ethics—both to a great result.

One of my friends had registered on The Affinity Exchange site, so I did too; but the site was in English, which I did not understand.  All that I could do was look at the photographs of people who were interested in me. I paid little attention due to the language barrier. Then in early September, I saw that my profile had been repeatedly looked at by the same man, who finally sent me a message.

I was amazed by his picture, or rather his eyes, which beamed peace, love, confidence, and caring. I wanted to answer him, so asked for help from my friend who teaches English. We wrote a letter using conventional phrases of introduction.  He lived in Canada so there was a 10 hour time difference, but he responded quickly with a very warm letter. I felt comfortable communicating with him. We then wrote daily, quickly increasing our reality. For example, I found out he also had three children!

Our feelings became stronger after our first contact using Skype. I could talk, but my English was very poor and I had trouble finding a translator. But we were able to look at each other, which was more important than words!  There were a lot of feelings and desire to carry out our intentions. Myles asked me if I wanted to be with him and said I had to answer yes–I could not answer no. I felt it was too fast in our short acquaintance, but I could not answer no.  I said yes!  Myles was thrilled!

Almost immediately we began to plan our meeting. Because of difficulties with Russian visas, Myles flew to Russia on November 11th. The day after his arrival, he knelt in front of me, held out the ring, and proposed! It was unforgettable!! We stayed in a nice hotel next to my city of Togliatti. I felt like a queen! I felt an endless stream of love and caring. We knew, despite the language barrier, that we loved each other.  Myles met my children and my mother. His kindness and charm won them over. We were together for four fabulous days.

We planned for him to return in the spring and arrange a marriage in Russia. I had failed in previous relationships, and sometimes I feared this would happen again; but Myles, with his love, confidence, and communication, dissolved my doubts.  Despite frustrating delays, I stayed positive and continued sewing my wedding dress. We talked every day on Skype and wrote letters to each other. Our children also began to communicate and became friends!

Our love expanded! I wore a ring, which gave me confidence in our future together. It was a long wait to complete all the documents, but finally, on December 25, 2011, he arrived! I met him at the airport, my heart jumping for joy!  He could only stay 6 days.

We enjoyed each other’s company, always holding hands.  The physical contact helped make up for the year of waiting.  Every day we worked on document preparations for the marriage. Not all the information was acceptable to the chief registrar, which put us through a difficult period of worries and stress. We supported each other with our love and postulates to be together–and we won! On 30 December we received permission to get married.  That left only half a day for wedding preparations!

The restaurants were very busy with New Year’s feasts, but through our joint efforts, and the help of my friends, we created our wedding!  I was a very happy bride. Together, we shine like a bright constellation! The next morning my husband had to return to Canada. I do not feel sad, as our relationship is filled with love and power!  Now, I wear two rings. One of them depicts the symbol of infinity–our love is endless!

I am very grateful for The Affinity Exchange as it allowed me to expand my lines of communication such that I was able to meet my beloved man!  We have a great love, the glow of which extends to our family and all who are close to us!  — With infinite respect and gratitude, Olga Pang.

From Myles: I started a membership with The Affinity Exchange as I knew it included members with similar interests to me, especially in relation to spiritual beliefs. This was a major area of misalignment in my first marriage.

I started exchanging communication with a few women and was considering arranging to meet a lady from Venezuela when I got a reply from Olga. I remember looking at her profile and pictures and thinking that this lady would be at the top of the list and would challenge me to be the best me that I could be. My impression was that she was ethical, determined and beautiful!

After a few email communications we decided to have a video conversation on Skype. In this conversation we discussed that I was considering meeting another lady. It was apparent that I needed to make a choice. I chose Olga right then and there during that Skype conversation! It was a magical moment when we recognized our intentions towards each other. Somehow it felt right, familiar and perfect! Even though we did not know each other’s language and had to use Google to translate our emails and chats, it was still perfect!

A couple of months later I was in Russia. I proposed, and she said yes!

It took a frustratingly long time to get the papers ready to be able to be married in Russia. Though we did not see each other for a year, our relationship and love grew stronger all the while.

I flew out from Canada on Christmas eve. I had a stack of documents about an inch thick. We went to the authorities in Russia to get permission to be married. We had only 5 business days total to get this sorted out and get married. One of the documents was missing a stamp from the Russian embassy in Canada. The official answer was that we could not be married. Somehow, by intention and communication, the official responsible for making the decision said that if I signed one more affidavit in Russia, she would allow it. On Wednesday we got the affidavit signed and received our invitation to be married on Friday at 14:30! My flight home was on Saturday morning!

Well, Olga managed to pull together all her friends for a Friday afternoon wedding. We had a professional photographer, video, flowers and all the trimmings. We somehow got a perfect sized private room in our favorite restaurant! It was a wonderful wedding with family and warm friends. She has three wonderful children who are excited about coming to Canada. They are already Facebook friends with my three girls, who are equally excited to have two new brothers and another sister!

Olga and I are perfectly aligned in our life goals, and we both know that we love each other more than we can express. We know that we don’t need to say anything. Olga’s friends have observed that even though we have limited knowledge of each other’s language, we seem to have no problem communicating. Quite amazing, really!

While working on the immigration process, I’m busy building some more bedrooms in the basement to accommodate our soon-to-be family of 8!

Thank you, Affinity Exchange, for making it possible to find the love that exceeds my dreams!

— Love, Myles


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