Robert & Aygul

Robert & Aygul



“…marrying Aygul was like winning the lottery!”

From Robert: I want to take this opportunity to thank Marcia and the Affinity Exchange in helping me find my wife. I live in western Canada, an area where there are not many Scientologists, so the best way for me to connect with them was via an online service such as AE. I was fortunate enough to have met many nice ladies over time; however finding someone to marry was a whole different story.

About 8 months ago I decided not to compromise on anything and postulated to find my ideal 2D. I am happy to say I did! We are from different continents (she is from Russia!), so that was the first challenge. Fortunately, we were able to spend over a month together in both Paris and Spain on two separate trips. When we weren’t together, we managed to talk on an average of 3 hours per day. Despite our different backgrounds, we have an enormous amount of things in common, as well as a very natural understanding for each other. She is also a very big romantic, just as I am. In short, I am extremely happy.

Oh, one other thing–marrying Aygul was like winning the lottery!

From Aygul: I am thankful to Marcia for her help and want to say she is doing a great job connecting people, especially from different countries.

I met my husband when I was about to lose my hope to find the man that I knew was ideal for me. It was amazing–from the very first emails, we seemed to understand each other at once. Everything was just natural and easy, even though he is on the highest level in our religion, and I am just moving up.

All I can say to people who are still in search for their second half is: there are no boundaries in the universe. You need to follow your heart, know exactly what you want and keep your ethics in.

Robert & Aygul

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