Stig and Lidia


From Lidia:  When I created my profile in Affinity Exchange I did not really expect too much from this. But I knew that if you want to find something you need to make outflow and the site seemed to fulfill this purpose.

Around that time I was pretty busy preparing my trip to Denmark.  So I just created the profile, wrote something about myself and then kind of forgot about it and then went to Denmark for study.   I was not really expecting that something immediately would happen although I felt that something should happen in my life. And I just decided to do my best, be concentrated about my studies and let things going any way they would go.

Then one day – I entered the course room and I saw HIM!   When I looked at him I knew instinctively that this was the way the man of my dreams should look. I immediately understood that this was the kind of man I had been looking for all this time.   And it was as if he also noticed me and some connection happened in that moment.

Shortly after this “meeting” I had to go back to Russia without having a chance to explore this further.   When I arrived home my first action was to check Affinity Exchange with my new idea about who I am really looking for. This time I decided at least to look at the men’s profiles on the site because before I did not care about those.

Imagine the shock – I nearly jumped out of my chair when in my search I saw exactly that very Danish person!!! I carefully read his profile and could not believe that everything he wrote was exactly what I was looking for!!   Every single charactaristic was coinciding with my ideals – purposes, languages spoken, color of eyes, age, taste in music and our religion!   I could not believe that this was possible at all.   And a single “smile” sent through this site to his profile changed my life forever…

We are now married and live together in Denmark and everything we have found out about each other is even better than each of us ever dared to dream about.

From Stig:   I had created my profile at Affinity Exchange some time ago and had even started some conversations but, all in all, I did not really find a true match – it felt like a blind alley.   I got involved in other activities and became inactive on the site for a while.

Then I was starting some studies in Copenhagen. One day I was sitting in the course room, incidently turned around and saw SOMEONE who seemed to make some sparks flying throught the air.   I knew that something special had occured but had not chance to explore this further – she seemed to have disappeared from town.

A few days later I was checking my email and saw a notification about a “smile” from Affinity Exchange. Of course, I had to check this out – and, much to my surprise, I saw a picture of EXACTLY the one I had seen in the course room!!   Not only that – when I looked over the profile I could hardly believe how well it matched to my ideas and feelings.

I decided to write, and the many conversations only confirmed how well we matched each other. And I had no doubts about how right our relationship was and it was developing quite fast.   So the next time she came for studies in Copenhagen we also got married and the rest is history!

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