From Stuart: Like most people, I was looking for someone—someone who shared the same interests and could share going up the levels. I originally signed up in 2010, and came back to it in 2012; had some comm with some ladies, and a date or two, but nothing that “clicked.” When I came back to it in 2014, my intention was much stronger and I outflowed a lot more.

Communication with Jacqui started in September of 2014. We decided right away to suspend our profiles so as not to get distracted by others. I was living in Northern California, and she was in Mexico City. Our communication was mostly by text and voice texting on Whatsapp. We met for the first time in November 2014 in Cancun at her sister’s wedding. We immediately knew we were right for reach other. 

For a year, we traveled between the United States and Mexico. Having decided to propose, I had a jeweler make new rings from my parent’s rings. It was Christmas Eve, and we were at her father’s house in Mexico City. The whole family was there. I was very nervous—terrified, actually! But she said Yes, and it was a very happy moment.

The wedding occurred in the pueblo of Aculco, Mexico, on 21 November 2015, with family and friends in attendance, followed by a lovely honeymoon in Puerto Vallarta.

We are very much in love and are happily together now in California. Our progress up the levels has been very good. Jacqui’s daughter is on staff in Clearwater, so our plan is to move there soon.


From Jacqui: I have been a Scientologist all my life, and have been on staff. I was doing the rundowns relating to survival, and my spiritual counselor wanted to help me find a high level Scientologist with interests in the 3rd and 4th dynamics as well as the 1st and 2nd; so I signed up for the Affinity Exchange.

It was not long before I found my soul-mate, Stuart. All our time together was very romantic—especially that he flew to Mexico and, like a real gentleman, proposed in front of my father and family!

I am very happy, having so much fun playing the game of life together with such high affinity and high-toned emotions. 

Thank you so much for your site, as I know I would never have met Stuart had I not used it.

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