Stuart and Lu



 “ … I was a little hesitant and was not really

looking forward to dating. However, to be married,

one has to go out and meet people and date. …”

From Stuart: Several months after my wife had passed away, I decided that being alone was not my cup of tea. I wanted to start dating with the hope of getting married again someday. However, I had quite a few considerations that I had to overcome before doing so. I had not been part of the dating scene for over 16 years, and, being in my mid-fifties, I really wasn’t in the mood for weird dating experiences. On the other hand, I wasn’t confident that I knew how to create on a new relationship either. After all, I had raised four children and had been through a lot personally, so I wasn’t quite sure how someone else would respond to all of that. I also wondered how I would respond to someone else’s experiences. To say the least, I was a little hesitant and was not really looking forward to dating. However, to be married, one has to go out and meet people and date. Since I had used the Affinity Exchange back in ‘91–‘92 (that’s right, before the Internet!) to find my last wife, I decided to repeat a successful action.

I wasn’t sure how I would deal with rejection. I had just suffered a big loss and I didn’t know how I would respond. Well, on my first coffee date, that is what happened (rejection). To my surprise, it didn’t bother me one iota! Just dusted off my pants and got back into it. I emailed and dated a few women, all very nice.

I met Lu in July. I didn’t have much expectation, but I did like her profile. We hit it off right from the very beginning. It has been a rocket ride ever since. I can’t rave enough about her. The funny thing is, she knew my kids, but we didn’t know each other. If it weren’t for the Affinity Exchange, we probably never would have met. Four months later, we got married. There has never been any doubt in my mind. My expectations were more than exceeded and we are very, very happy together.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND the Affinity Exchange for providing safe lines of communication. Marcia really cares about her clients. For example, Marcia was trying to get me to change my picture. Well, my picture may not have been flattering but I got the result I wanted. Thank you Marcia–again!

From Lu: Instead of beginning with how it all started and came about, let me tell you how it ended up . . . I am soooo happily married to the sweetest, funniest, most caring, on-purpose, able being I have ever been so lucky to find. And the very best part is that he loves me just how I am . . . it really shows too. (I just love happy endings, especially when they are beginnings, as this one is.)

If it had not been for the Affinity-Exchange, I would probably not have run into him. Odd, because we did all the same activities at about the same times, but we did them with an entirely different group of people, so we never ran into each other!!

Let’s take a look now at the beginning. I had been divorced for about 4 years and hadn’t really wanted to start up any relationship. Then I met someone. It looked okay, pretty good, in fact. I went out with him for a year on and off. However, we wanted different things so it sorta faded off into the LA haze.

I saw that a dear friend of mine (Mary) had successfully used the Affinity Exchange. Well, if she could find true love, then I could too. The first few dates had ups and downs, but I decided that I needed to just meet more people—I knew that I just hadn’t met the right guy yet. Besides I had this “list”. It had everything on it that I really wanted as an ideal 2D so we would both be happy for the rest of our lives. Figured I was being picky.

I saw Stuart’s profile and really liked it … didn’t like the picture, but I liked what he had to say. It was very honest and heartfelt. We emailed a few times and then agreed on a dinner date.

From the time he picked me up for dinner–from the first second–we hit it off. We talked for hours! I found out that I “knew” him already, even though I had never met him! When his kids were teenagers, we had worked together at an Org. I had even given his previous wife some assists! I had never met him tho! Anyway, dinner went from good to better and better. After dinner we went out for coffee and talked some more. We had such a good time!

The next morning he sent me a wonderful email, and then we went out again–a really great date! On our next date (to an Event), I knew I wanted to be with him for the rest of my life. He really, really liked me just the way I was. It was so validating, and he made me smile–all the time!

We spent a part of every day together, texting each other when we were apart, or emailing, but always in comm. We got married on November 7th, only four months after we met. It feels like we have been together all our life.

Oh yeah … remember that “list” I had made before I met him? He had every point of it but one—he just needs to buy me flowers! Cool, eh?


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