Wayne and Anel


From Wayne: I originally joined The Affinity Exchange shortly after becoming a Scientologist in 2002. I’m a chiropractor in Washington, D.C. I met several very nice women and made as many friends. When I knew a courtship was not going to go the route, I would rejoin AE, do new searches, and get in comm with new prospects. I had one long-lasting relationship, but ultimately it did not work out.

In July of 2011 I saw and read the profile of a woman in Mexico City who had the same goals as myself.  We first got in comm on the site and then began to talk via Skype. We talked very often and then began to talk every day. We got along amazingly well and our affinity, reality and communication kept going up.

One day, after a few months, Anel told me she loved me. It made me so happy! I then told her that I loved her.  Near the end of October, I flew to Mexico City. We found we were very compatible and were super comfortable with each other. Anel came to visit me in December, at which time I asked her to marry me.

In January I returned to Mexico, this time to ask for her family’s blessing, which I received. Anel moved to D.C. later that month and we were married in February.

We are very, very happy and are looking forward to children and a wonderful life together. Thank you, Marcia!

My advice from my experience on AE–you should persist and not give up until you find your match.

From Anel: I had been on The Affinity Exchange for only two weeks when Wayne contacted me. Before that, I didn’t believe in using a dating service, but a friend of mine told me maybe I could find someone on AE.

Wayne wrote to me first, and then we began to talk a lot using Skype. When he told me he was going to visit me in October, I couldn’t believe it. But it happened, and now I am married to an excellent man!

I hope everyone can find someone like I did. I’m now a believer! Thank you, Marcia, for creating this wonderful site.


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